Halloween Candy & Wine Pairings

Dearest ghouls, vampires, and zombie brides:

Halloween! What better time to talk about how to pair the candy you bought/stole from your kids/are currently eating at an adult Halloween party? Maybe you’re like me, and buy the candy “for your husband”. Or, maybe you are taking a few everyday from your kid’s buckets (I won’t tell). Wherever you find your Halloween candy fix, I imagine one thing goes through your mind as you’re tearing open that package of sweet goodness:

“I’m thirsty. Do I sacrifice the deliciousness of this darling clump of sugary gold for a sip of mom’s very special juice?”

Okay. Maybe not in those exact words. But, it’s a conundrum, you see! Do I have the candy bar, but sacrifice the first sip of what is a well-deserved glass (bottle?) of wine? Or do I forget about the candy bar (GASP!) and just go for the wine?

you don’t have to sacrifice anything

I’ve made a handy graphic for you to help you decide how to proceed with your wine-d down tonight.

so, let us rejoice dear monsters and frankensteins! We can have our cake (candy) and eat it (and drink the wine) too!

with midbest love,