My Bucket List

My Bucket List

let’s take a break and just talk about our hopes and dreams, shall we?

Hi all, Megan here. (As usual, right?) I hope you haven’t been thinking I’m neglecting you.

I’m not. I’m busy not neglecting my nursling/monster/mini-Rob!

But, I need you to know that I (we) 100% appreciate your support and continued following of our humble winery-blog.  So, for that, here’s an extra lovely blog for you to feast your eyes on! Something a little personal, a little less directly associated with Soldier Creek Winery.

I’m starting with my bucket list. I plan to move through the family, so you can get a glimpse of our hopes and dreams! So. With that, here’s a true and honest look at my heart’s desires!

Megan’s top 10 on her bucket list:

1. travel, travel, travel

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit vague, but it’s the truest and highest thing on my list. If you want more specifics, I want to travel with my family. I want our daughter to have a huge view of the world. I want to continue to share beautiful, hilarious, striking memories. Memories filled with travel success and travel failures. Let’s stand in awe before the Taj Mahal. Let’s laugh when we can’t find a single open metro station to get to the Eiffel Tower (that actually happened). Could we just forget about real life for a month and travel around Europe? I mean, obviously, a lot of this travel should center around wine. I’m always looking for a reason to try a wine I’ve never tried before! #expandyourwinehorizons

2. see soldier creek winery become a real and true destination in iowa.

Sorry, but it’s true. It’s not a shameless plug, I really want to see this happen. We are starting small, but our customers know it: we have delicious wine, an inviting atmosphere, and friendly faces. I am so excited to see what the years bring. And, selfishly, I hope our little grape grows up to be a part of the Soldier Creek operation.

3. sky dive

I really do want to do this. Even though my fear of heights is sometimes crippling and ridiculous. Even though it’s a bit crazy.

To be honest, I’ll probably do this once I’m not playing a crucial role in a child’s life. Like, maybe when she’s grown and married or something. Before grandkids. This just got really specific.

4. re-start and run a csa long term

I tend to have my hands in a lot of places. I tend to be busy. I like it. A few years ago I started an experimental CSA, to bring Fort Dodge into the now. I really want this community to embrace CSA’s and community gardens! And my members really embraced their role in my CSA, they were so willing to try new things! I was very impressed.

So. Now. Goal: re-start and continue the CSA dream!

5. grow a field of lavender

This got on my (Rob and I’s) bucket list while we were visiting Paris in 2012. We were walking along through the Jardin des Tuileries, it was a very hot day, but we didn’t mind– we had just finished off a croque misure and a bottle of delicious Gamay.  We were taking everything in and deciding what we would do that day. As we are walking I’m getting faint whiffs of lavender, and I’m thinking “gosh, these French people smell really good!” but then I notice the dusty bushes we are walking by. These aren’t just any old bush, they’re freaking lavender bushes!!! Needless to say, I flipped out and demanded that we grow a field of lavender near our house.

I mean, can you just imagine walking through that field on any hot day in Iowa? That field would smell heavenly.

6. gather all the dogs

If it was up to me, we would probably have 4-6 dogs by now from anytime I’ve ever walked into a shelter. However, our tiny house keeps us from having that many dogs. And I think I’d probably need to do some real bribing with a certain husband to have that many. What can I say? I just want all the doggies to feel loved!

7. adopt a child

There are so so so many kids who need love and a permanent home. This is on Rob and I’s bucket list for sure. I’m not sure when or how, but someday we want to provide a home and forever love to another child.

8. help raise a strong, kind, independent woman

This is, obviously, a new addition. And it’s really #1 on my daily list. But, can we just add to the list: “vineyard or winery loving”? It’s hopeful, but maybe she’ll have that passion 🙂 Soldier Creek Winery will need some people to run it in the next generation!

9. meet president obama

Regardless of political views, this guy played a huge role in my life through my formative adult years. I admire his generosity and his humanist views of the world. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear that guy speak again? Again, regardless of political views, he was a great speaker (I know he didn’t write his speeches, but he sure did read them well!). I probably wouldn’t know what to say, but I know I could talk gardening with Michelle if all else failed!

10. make a difference in my community

Soldier Creek Winery has made a huge difference in the Fort Dodge community and surrounding area. Vineyards popped up! Iowa Wine connoisseurs came out of the woodwork! As a member of the community, I want to help make a difference, too. Perhaps through my passion for gardening, maybe I can knock two things off my list in one go? Who knows, but it’s there, on my list. And anyone who knows me, knows I like to cross things off my list.


well! there you have it!

Now you know a little bit more about one member of the Soldier Creek Winery family.

with midbest love,