COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol

We have begun our process of reopening our doors for our patrons to sample and enjoy our wines.

It’s important to keep in mind that “reopening” does not mean “returning to normal”. It will take weeks or months to have everything at the winery back to normal, but we feel confident we can provide a good experience for you by using the following reopening phases:

We currently allow socially distanced outdoor (weather permitting) and indoor seating

It is our priority to keep you and our staff healthy and safe.
Please review our COVID Policies before your trip to Soldier Creek Winery:

  • Masks will be mandatory when standing or moving about the room, but once you are seated and settled, you may take your mask off.
  • Hand-sanitizer is available to customers at 3 areas of the store. Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the store, and at any time you feel the need to re-sanitize your hands.
  • Disposable gloves are also available on the retail floor to increase customer comfort level at the store.
  • Tables are placed 6 ft apart
  • No groups greater than 6 people sitting together at a time
  • Our outdoor seating will be spaced with these rules in mind, and we ask that you not push tables together.
  • Our indoor seating is set for 50% capacity – so once it’s filled, you’ll either be asked to wait outside (in your car, etc) until room becomes available, or please order your wines to-go
  • Tables and chairs are sanitized between customer uses
  • High touch surfaces and bathrooms are sanitized frequently (2x/hour)
  • All staff have their temperature checked when starting their shift, and are wearing masks and gloves when in active service.
  • Our menu is available online and we will have printed menus available. However, if you touch it, you keep it.
  • We still have car-side pickup available, as well as the addition of pick up in-store.
  • Wine is for sale by the glass or bottle. We will use disposable plastic glasses for the time being, or you can purchase a wine-glass-shaped glass or Halo-Vino to use and take home.
  • Retail shopping is available, however, we ask that you do not handle any products you don’t intend on purchasing.
  • Employees are available to help handle product for you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Tastings are available. For $1.50, you may taste 5-sample flights served in disposable sample cups. You will receive a Halo-Vino cup and may pour your samples into the cup yourself to get the full aromatic experience of the wines. 
  • Slushies as a single serving will be available in disposable cups for $5.50 during this time, or in our 3-serving or 6-serving carry-out containers. If you wish to use your slushy cup, you may purchase one of these containers, but we cannot refill your slushy cup from the slushy machine at this time.
  • We encourage you to use our credit card chip reader or contactless pay whenever possible.
  • Most importantly, if you feel sick and/or have a fever, stay home. We ask our staff to do the same.
  • We appreciate any extra precautions you take to keep yourself, and our staff, healthy.
  • We have resumed our normal hours:
    • Fridays 4-8pm
    • Saturdays 1-6pm
    • Sundays 1-5pm
    • All other hours of the week by appointment only.
  • Watch for music and event updates on our Facebook page.

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